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Whitetail deer hunt in Texas Whitetail Deer Free Range Hunts

I offer 3, 4, and 5 day hunts. Your allowed a buck of any size, one doe and one hog. Room, board and guides are included. We will take care of the game you get. The lodge is nice and the cooking is great. We average 128-130 on this hunt. We have a lot bigger bucks then that. This is a fun hunt. You’ll see a lot of game. 3 day hunt: 3500.00 - 4 day hunt :4000.00 - 5 day hunt: 4500.00

Whitetail deer hunt in Texas Monster Whitetail Deer Hunts

We take a limited number of whitetail hunters on this monster hunt. Cost $550.00 per day guide fee and includes room and board. Kill fee - $9500.00 from 170 to 189, $11000.00 from 190 to 200, 200-219 is $14,500. 220-249 is $16,000.00, 250 and bigger is $21000.00. Over 250, please call for availability and cost. 3-4 days of hunting is suggested. For the hunter that wants that once in a life time whitetail, give me a call at (1)361-645-4695 or all the details.

Wild turkey hunt in Texas Texas Spring Turkey Hunts

We have great spring turkey hunting. I have 4 ranches that hold a huge number of turkeys. Some of the ranches are in the beautiful Texas hill country, and the rest are in the mesquite flats of south Texas. It doesn't matter which ranch you hunt, you will be in birds. Turkey Hunting has been fantastic. My ranches have more birds than I have seen in years. Some ranch managers have said we had two hatches. There is a ton of birds right now. Cost per hunter: 2 day hunt is $1550.00 and a three day hunt is $1950.00. This includes 2 Toms, and room & board. Guides are available at $200.00/day.

morning dove hunt in Texas Texas Dove Hunts

Cost per hunter: $100 per day. Dove Hunting has been up and down. Call for a recent report - (1-361-645-4695) Legal limit enforced. 2-DAY MINIMUM.

Two and a half day hunt for doves for $550.00. This includes room and board, guides, you can arrive noon Friday, hunt Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and Sunday morning. You leave after hunt and morning meal Sunday. all non-hunters will pay $200.00 per day for room and board. Call if you have any questions 361-645-4695

exotic game hunt in Texas Exotic Game Hunts

Dan Moody's Hunting Service specializes in trophy exotic hunts. If you are looking for quality animals then look no further. Exotic hunts will be additional to or separate from whitetail or turkey hunts. The price of exotics in addition to a whitetail or turkey will be agreed upon when reservations are made. Legal seasons and dates will govern exotic hunts. These hunts are *NO KILL - NO PAY. However, there is a $200.00 per day guide fee per hunter. If the hunter wounds an animal, that hunter is obligated to pay DAN MOODY HUNTING SERVICE for that animal. Meals and lodging are not included but are available at $150.00 day per person.

Addax$10000 - up

American Bison - Cow$3950 - up

American Bison - Trophy$6500 - up

Aoudad$4750 - up

Aoudad Ewe$950 - up

Axis$5000 - up

Axis Doe$1100 - up

Barasingha Bull$6500 - up

Barasingha Cow $3500 - up

Blackbuck$4500 - up

Blackbuck Does$3500 - up

Black Hawaiian$2500 - up

Blesbok$7500 - up

Bobcat$1500 - up

Bongo$45,000 - up

Catalina Goat$2500 - up

Corsican Ram$2500 - up

Dama Gazelle$9500 - up

Eland Bull$9500 - up

Eland Cow$5500 - up

Elk$6500 - up

Elk Cow$2250 - up

Fallow$5500 - up

Four Horn Ram$4000 - up

Gazelle$3500 - up

Gemsbok$9500 - up

Himalayan Tahr$4500 - up

Ibex - American$2500 - up

Ibex$10000 - up

Impala$5000 - up

Javelina$650 - up

Kudu$18000 - up

Common Lechwe$7000 - up

Long Horn$4000 - up

Markhor$12500 - up

Mouflon$3500 - up

Nile Lechwe$9500 - up

Nilgai Bull$5500 - up

Nyala$20,000 - up

Pere David$7500 - up

Red Sheep$4500 - up

Red Stag$6000 - up

Red Stag Cows$2250 - up

Sable$18,500 - up

Sika$3500 - up

Sitatunga$12500 - up

Oryx - Arabian$8500 - up

Oryx - Symator - Bulls$5500 - up

Oryx - Symator - Cows$4950 - up

Texas Dall$3500 - up

Waterbuck$7500 - up

Water Buffalo$4000 - up

Watusi$5000 - up

Wildebeest$8500 - up

Yak$4000 - up

Zebra$8500 - up


Special Note on all Hunting prices stated above are cash price only, a 2% Transaction fee will be applied on all credit card charges.

Other exotics are available upon request. The reason for fluctuation in price is size of animal and ranch involved. This price will be agreed upon before animal is killed. Monthly specials, meat hunts, family discounts and group rates (5 or more hunters) are available upon request.

Exotics are hunted on foot, if you are able. We do have blinds if needed. You will pack 3-5 miles a day, so wear comfortable boots. Most shots will be between 100-300 yards. Please have your weapon sighted in and know where it is hitting at 100 yards. If you are a bow hunter, no problem! We have well placed stands.

Air Travel

If you are flying, San Antonio has an international airport. You can rent a car or we can pick you up for $250.00 round trip.

We believe your family is important and encourage you to bring them along. If a family member comes along on the hunt, there's a small fee of $150.00 per day per person.

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