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For each hunt, I choose dogs that are both well rested and compatible with the type of hunt we are expecting. Often I will use three or four experienced dogs with one or two 'trainees'. If we are headed into an area that contains extremely large 'trophy' boars, I will choose dogs that are up to the task and double team the catch dogs. We load the dogs at the kennels and check the supplies in the truck. Supplies include extra water, tracking gear, cut collars and cut vests. Once we arrive at the hunting grounds, we suit up the dogs with protective hardware.

hog dog hunting

The Chase Dogs

The chase dogs need to run for miles without too much added weight, so they each get a cut collar that extends from their ears to bottom of the neck. This collar is made up of thick material that will protect the dogs throat from the tusks. Additionally; we buckle on a tracking collar so that we can follow them through the brush. Once the chase dogs are loosed from the truck, they will head out to find fresh boar scent. Sometimes as a group, and sometimes in pairs or singular. If one of the chase dogs finds a fresh scent, he will attempt to follow it, catching up to the boar. When they catch up to the boar, the boar will either run or stand and fight. At some point the 'running pursuit' turns into a 'stand and fight'. You will know when this happens as the chase dogs will surround the boar and bark. The chase dogs will do everything they can to hold the boar until we arrive with the catch dogs.

hog hunting

The Catch Dogs

Once the bay has started, we bring in the catch dogs. These dogs are covered in armor and ready for battle. As we close in on the bay, I evaluate the situation and if it looks like the boar will stay and fight, I will release one or two catch dogs. The catch dogs charge the boar grabbing him by the ears or neck; and the fight it on. The chase dogs will also join in holding the boar by grabbing anything they can. The boar is caught and not about to get away.

Garmin tri-tronics use with hog dog training

The Kill

Now that the boar is contained, we will move in for the kill. Normally one of the guides will grab the boar by the hind legs, lifting the rear off the ground, to stop him form spinning around and completely immobilizing the boar. Now is the time for you to step in and apply the stick to the heart and lungs. Within seconds the boar is dead.

This might sound rather routine and after hundreds of hunts over the years, it sometimes is. However, the suspense of the track, running through thick brush towards a very noisy fight will bring your adrenalin level to the top. There is some nasty territory out there. full of rocks and thorns. Need more excitement; try a night hunt.






2 DAY Hog Hunting Special

"2 DAY Hog Hunting Special"

Extended because of popularity- Blind Hunts with Guns- $900.00 per person, Dog Hunts - $950.00 per person, you get a 2 day meat hog hunt, guides and room and board. 3 hog limit per person. Need at least 2 but no more then 6 hunters. You can use Dan's dogs or your own dogs. Bow or gun hunters can hunt in blinds or stalk.



2 Day hog hunting Trip 2 Day Hog Hunting Trip

3 DAY Hog Hunting Special

"3 DAY Hog Hunting Special"

Blind Hunts with Guns $1300.00 per person, Dog Hunts $1350.00 per person. you get a 3 day meat hog hunt, guides and room and board. 4 hog limit per person. Need at least 2 but no more then 6 hunters. You can use Dan's dogs or your own dogs. Bow or gun hunters can hunt in blinds or stalk.



3 Day hog hunting Trip 3 Day Hog Hunting Trip

Limited Time Hog Hunting Special


Special for Bow Hunters Only" $550.00 for a two day hunt. $750,00 for a three day hunt. $950.00 for a four day hunt. Unlimited Hogs per hunter, room and board and guides. Minimum of 3 hunters and maximum of 5 hunters.



limited time hog hunting Trip Limited time Hog Hunting Trip

Texas Trophy Boar Hunt

Texas Trophy Boar Hunt

If you want a huge boar with 2 - 4 inch tusk come hunt with Dan Moody. Some of these boars will weigh up to 400 lbs. But most will be in the 200-300lb. range. Cost per hunter: $200.00 guide fee/day, with a $1150.00 kill fee for Blind Hunts or $1500 kill fee for Dog Hunts. If you do not kill, you just pay the guide fee. Depending on the amount of hunters most dog hunts are 1 day hunts. You only pay for the day you hunt. I will not charge a hunter while it is his hunting buddy turn to kill. If you are hunting with a bow or gun, sometimes it might take more than one day. Bow and gun hunters pay everyday they hunt. Dan will do everything in his power to insure a safe, action packed hunt. We will field dress your hog, and skin and quarter the meat for you. Room & board is $150.00/night




Trophy hog hunting Trip Trophy Hog Hunting Trip

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