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Dan Moody offers some of the best in Texas hunting, with 35+ years of experience Dan has become one of the premier Texas hunting guides.

Please take a few minutes to look through our website and learn how you can get into some of the best hunting Texas has to offer for African Game, North American Game, Trophy Wild Boar Hunting, Deer, Varmint, Texas Turkey and many more.

Dan Moody also specializes in down home family style and corporate hunting services.

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Dan Moody's Exotic Hunting Services

Dan Moody welcomes you to his Exotic Hunting Service. Dan has been in the exotic trophy hunting business since 1976.

He has what it takes to help you achieve the hunt of your dreams and take home memories. Dan Moody's Exotic Hunting Service offers some of the finest Trophy Exotic Game hunting in Texas for those who enjoy a fair chase hunt.

Whitetail Free Range Hunts

I offer 3, 4, and 5 day hunts. Your allowed a buck of any size, one doe and one hog. Room, board and guides are included. We will take care of the game you get. The lodge is nice and the cooking is great. We average 128-130 on this hunt. We have a lot bigger bucks then that. This is a fun hunt. You’ll see a lot of game. 3 day hunt: 3750.00 - 4 day hunt :4250.00 - 5 day hunt: 4950.00

Whitetail Management Hunt Whitetail Management Hunt

Monster Whitetail Hunts

We take a limited number of whitetail hunters on this monster hunt. Cost $550.00 per day guide fee and includes room and board.

Kill fee - $9500.00 from 170 to 189, $11000.00 from 190 to 200, 200-219 is $14,500. 220-249 is $16,000.00, 250 and bigger is $21000.00.

Most of these deer will be main frame deer with kickers. The accommodations are fantastic. 3-4 days of hunting.

For the hunter that wants that once in a life time whitetail, give me a call at (1)361-645-4695 or all the details.

Monster Whitetail Hunt Monster Whitetail Hunt Monster Whitetail Hunt Monster Whitetail Hunt Monster Whitetail Hunt Monster Whitetail Hunt

Texas Spring Turkey Hunts

We have great spring turkey hunting. I have 4 ranches that hold a huge number of turkeys. Some of the ranches are in the beautiful Texas hill country, and the rest are in the mesquite flats of south Texas. It doesn't matter which ranch you hunt, you will be in birds. Turkey Hunting has been fantastic. My ranches have more birds than I have seen in years. Some ranch managers have said we had two hatches. There is a ton of birds right now. Cost per hunter: 2 day hunt is $1550.00 and a three day hunt is $1950.00. This includes 2 Toms, and room & board. Guides are available at $200.00/day.

Turkey Hunt Turkey Hunt Turkey Hunt Turkey Hunt Turkey Hunt

Texas Varmint Hunts

2 or 3 days of action packed hunting varmints in the south Texas brush. You are allowed unlimited coyotes, raccoons and bobcat per person. We will game call both morning and evening. Room, board and guides are supplied on this hunt.

2 day hunt - one hunter: $1650.00 -- 2 or more hunters: $1850.00

3 day hunt - one hunter: $2450.00 -- 2 or more hunters: $2750.00

Varmint Hunting Trip in Texas Varmint Hunting Trip in Texas Varmint Hunting Trip in Texas

Red Sheep Hunts

Gregarious and extremely wary; these red sheep will take flight at long distances if disturbed. Our exotic red sheep hunts are available year around.

Red Sheep Hunting Trip in Texas

Four Horned Sheep Hunts

4 Horned Sheep are primitive sheep that resemble goats in their conformation. The rams weigh about 120-180 lb., ewes 80-120 with angular, triangular faces, thin legs, and long bodies with sloped rumps. They are primitive multi-horned sheep, with multicolored patterns. Their meat and hide are considered valuable. Ram horns average 22 to 25 inches.

Four Horned Sheep Hunt in Texas


Gemsbok are about 4 ft 7 inches at the shoulder, and males can weigh between 510–550 lb while females weigh 440–460 lb. They can reach running speeds of up to 35 mph. Our exotic Gemsbok hunts are available year around.

Gemsbok Hunting Trip in Texas


Javelina are medium-sized Peccaries , with a strong superficial resemblance to pigs. Like pigs, they have a snout ending in a cartilagenous disc, and eyes that are small relative to their head. Hunting Season is year round with good animals of tusk lengths averaging 1.5 to 2 inches.

Javelina Hunting Trip in Texas


The distinctive horns of the Blackbuck are ringed with 1 to 4 spiral turns, rarely more than 4 turns, and can be as long as 25 inches straight tape. A trophy Blackbuck is greater than 18 in. In the male, the upper body is black (dark brown), and the belly and eye rings are white. The light-brown female is usually hornless.

Blackbuck Hunting Trip in Texas Blackbuck Hunting Trip in Texas


Longhorn Hunting Trip in Texas Longhorn Hunting Trip in Texas


The nilgai is the biggest Asian antelope. Nilgai stand 4-5 feet at the shoulder and are 6-6.6 feet long. Mature nilgai typically weigh 260 - 500 lb. Over 60% of births result in twins, though births of 1 or 3 do occur. They reach sexual maturity at around 18 months and can live as long as 21 years.

Nilgai Hunting Trip in Texas

Scimitar oryx

All oryx species prefer near-desert conditions and can survive without water for long periods. They live in herds of up to 600 animals. Newborn calves are able to run with the herd immediately after birth. Both males and females possess permanent horns. The horns are narrow, and straight except in the scimitar oryx, where they curve backwards like a scimitar. The horns are lethal—the oryx has been known to kill lions with them—and oryxes are thus sometimes called the sabre antelope. The horns also make the animals a prized game trophy. The oryx could be the origin of the fabled unicorn. Some say that if you see it on the side from a distance, the two horns look like one.

The oryx is a large antelope with long, spear-like horns, is a true desert animal. It has a thick, horse-like neck with a short mane and a compact, muscular body. A defined pattern of black markings that contrast with the white face and fawn-colored body are prominently displayed in dominance rituals to emphasize the length of horns and strength of the shoulder.

Oryx Hunting Trip in Texas


Its coat is reddish fawn, marked with white spots, and its under parts are white. Its antlers, which it sheds annually, are usually three-pronged and curve in a lyre shape and may extend to 28 to 35 inches and are normally 6 points. It has a protracted breeding season due in part to the climate, and births can occur throughout the year. For this reason, males do not have their antler cycles in synchrony and there are some fertile females at all times of the year. Males sporting hard antlers are dominant over those in velvet or those without antlers, irrespective of their size and other factors. A chital stands about 90 cm (3 ft) tall at the shoulder and masses about 187 lb. Lifespan is around 20-30 years.

Axix Hunting Trip in Texas Axix Hunting Trip in Texas


Males are an average of 65 in long and 39–41 in tall at the shoulders, and weigh between 200 and 260 lbs, while females are an average of 53 in long, 31–33 in tall at the shoulders, and weigh 130–200 lbs. Lechwes live an average of 10 to 11.5 years, and most uncommonly 19 years.

Their coats are shaggy with the hair on the cheeks particularly long in both sexes, and males may have even longer hair on their necks. Females are golden-brown with white underbellies and no horns. Adult males are blackish-brown to russet with white 'hoods' over their shoulders and small white patches over their eyes. The horns of the adult males are 20–34 in long, strongly ridged at their bases and are curved at the tips.

Kudo Hunting Trip in Texas


The mouflon is thought to be one of the two ancestors for all modern domestic sheep breeds. It is red-brown with a dark back-stripe, light colored saddle patch and underparts. The males are horned; some females are horned while others lack horns. Mouflon have a shoulder height of about 35 inches and a body weight of 110 lb.(males) and 75 lb. (females). Average horn length is 27 to 33 inches and are hunted in Uvalde, Real and Zavala counties.

Mouflon Hunting Trip in Texas

Racka Ram

Racka Ram Hunting Trip in Texas

Texas Grizzly Wild Boar Hunting

Dan Moody's Texas Grizzly is a wild boar hunting guide service located in south Texas that uses specially trained dogs to locate and hold wild boars. Once the boar is "bayed" and "caught" the hunter moves into make the kill. This type of hunting has been around for decades and is very popular in the South as well as many other countries. Our hunts are safe and the kill is quick. Take a moment to browse through our website, watch a video or two and learn how to experience the hunt of a lifetime.

2 DAY Hog Hunting Special

"2 DAY Hog Hunting Special"

Extended because of popularity- Blind Hunts with Guns- $900.00 per person, Dog Hunts - $950.00 per person, you get a 2 day meat hog hunt, guides and room and board. 3 hog limit per person (kills not guaranteed). Need at least 2 but no more then 6 hunters. You can use Dan's dogs or your own dogs. Bow or gun hunters can hunt in blinds or stalk.



2 Day hog hunting Trip 2 Day Hog Hunting Trip2 Day Hog Hunting Trip2 Day Hog Hunting Trip

3 DAY Hog Hunting Special

"3 DAY Hog Hunting Special"

Blind Hunts with Guns $1300.00 per person, Dog Hunts $1350.00 per person. You get a 3 day meat hog hunt, guides and room and board. 4 hog limit per person (kills not guaranteed). Need at least 2 but no more then 6 hunters. You can use Dan's dogs or your own dogs. Bow or gun hunters can hunt in blinds or stalk.



3 Day hog hunting Trip 3 Day Hog Hunting Trip 3 Day hog hunting Trip

Limited Time Hog Hunting Special


Special for Bow Hunters Only" $550.00 for a two day hunt. $750,00 for a three day hunt. $950.00 for a four day hunt. Unlimited Hogs per hunter, room and board and guides. Minimum of 3 hunters and maximum of 5 hunters. (kills not guaranteed)



limited time hog hunting Trip Limited time Hog Hunting Trip

Texas Trophy Boar Hunt

Texas Trophy Boar Hunt

If you want a huge boar with 2 - 4 inch tusk come hunt with Dan Moody. Some of these boars will weigh up to 400 lbs. But most will be in the 200-300lb. range. Cost per hunter: $200.00 guide fee/day, with a $1150.00 kill fee for Blind Hunts or $1500 kill fee for Dog Hunts. If you do not kill, you just pay the guide fee. Depending on the amount of hunters most dog hunts are 1 day hunts. You only pay for the day you hunt. I will not charge a hunter while it is his hunting buddy turn to kill. If you are hunting with a bow or gun, sometimes it might take more than one day. Bow and gun hunters pay everyday they hunt. Dan will do everything in his power to insure a safe, action packed hunt. We will field dress your hog, and skin and quarter the meat for you. Room & board is $150.00/night




Trophy hog hunting Trip Trophy Hog Hunting Trip Trophy Hog Hunting Trip

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